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We are a Florida based insurance provider specializing in personal insurance and business insurance. Our goal is to serve our customers needs while providing the best coverage at the right price.


We do not work for one company; we work for you. We work on your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment.

We represent a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, and we place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price.


When it comes to insurance, we make it our business to know your business.


If something unexpected happens to you – like a car accident or a serious illness – hospital expenses can quickly rack up. Individual health insurance can help prevent staggering expenses if you face a medical emergency. Major medical insurance is a type of coverage that provides benefits for a broad range of health-care services, both inpatient and outpatient. This health insurance can save you money on routine doctor’s visits, prescription drug coverage, preventative care and other medical services. The plan will typically come with costs such as a monthly premium, an annual deductible, copayments, and coinsurance.

Some of the factors that may influence the cost of your plan are your age and your tobacco use. Almost anyone can purchase an individual or family health insurance plan, and it is no longer possible to be declined based on your medical history.

At Financial Partner Group we will compare health plans & find the premium that fits your budget.


Are you doing what is necessary to take care of and protect your family? Many people feel they are doing enough, but few ask the question, “How will my family be taken care of if I were not here tomorrow?” Life insurance provides your family peace of mind. Family members who are income providers may not carry enough insurance to supplement the income when they are gone.

Family members who are income providers may not carry enough insurance to supplement the income when they are gone. Family members who are not income providers, but take care of the household, may not consider how the household would be taken care of if they were gone. Life Insurance provides peace of mind.

Even if you have insurance, it is always a good idea to review if that coverage if enough in case of the unthinkable.

If you currently have life insurance, contact Financial Partner Group today for a review of your current policies to make sure the coverage is enough. If you do not currently have life insurance, contact Financial Partner Group today to get a quote!


Auto insurance in South Florida is a necessity, especially in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.  Financial Partner Group has been referring auto insurance to our clients over 5 years and we can also be your auto insurance resource to review your current coverage or refer you to more affordable coverage.

Obviously, one way to decrease your chance of being in an auto accident is driving safely. Avoiding accidents and having a clean driving record is the best way to save money on your car insurance. But did you know that there are other things you can do to lower your car insurance rate? Financial Partner Group’s staff can provide you other ways to decrease the cost of your policy.

Not all auto insurance agencies are the same. The rates can vary substantially from one insurance carrier to the next. FPG has multiple auto referral programs to make sure you get the best auto coverage at the best rate.


Have you reviewed your business’ general liability insurance coverage recently? General Liability policies cover a broad range of potential events that can result in losses for a business.

Accidents at the principal business location that result in injuries and damages would be one item that would be covered. In addition to paying for the loss due to accident and injury, it would cover attorney’s fees, court costs and other expenses associated with defending the claim from the accident.

Additional items that may be included in a general liability policy are:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Claims from bodily injury, property damage and negligence


Is your current commercial property protected from a fire? You may think general liability insurance will provide enough protection, but sometimes you will need additional coverage to provide protection from gaps the general liability policy will not fill. A commercial property policy will give your business a more comprehensive approach to protection from financial loss.

  • Structure of the business
  • Furniture
  • Equipment
  • Loss of Inventory
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor signs
  • Damage to property of others